Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Melons are Growing!!!

Week 35 brings lots of fun stuff!! We had our 3rd shower (post to come later) which was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who contributed! We had a sonogram yesterday, which was the first we've had since our 20 week appointment. Last but not least, I learned that we have a honey dew melon this week! (More on this debate later...)

Our latest email did specify we have about a 5 1/2 pound honey dew melon growing ever so larger inside the womb. Woo hoo! I think about the size, and it's so trivial to me, but then I realize that this represents the size of the person growing INSIDE MY BELLY and I'm a little more amazed. :) It's definitely been a fun ride.

To follow up on last week's post and doctor's appointment, we had a sonogram on Tuesday. The purpose of the sono was to determine exactly how little Rylan is situated. Last week my doc thought his head was down, his rear up in my left ribs and his feet pushed out in my right side. She wasn't 100% certain, though, so we went ahead with the sono. I knew going into it that if we found out Rylan wasn't head down, I'd start to get anxious about him turning. I know there's technically plenty of time, but still - anything could happen at just about any time now, so time is of the essence. (Ok, my apologies, but I just had a total FRIENDS moment by using the word essence... Chandler: "The cushions are the essence of the chair!" Joey: "That's right! I'm taking the essence!")

ANYWAY! We go in, and I don't know what to expect. I'm excited about seeing Rylan, but I wasn't sure what we'd see. Sure enough, it was "hard" to see much because he's so much bigger now. One body part would take up the whole screen, which kind of diluted the image, if you can believe that. She tried to get us some fun shots, but his head was facing in towards my body, so we couldn't get his profile or anything. We did see that he has hair though!! That's exciting! We did also determine he is still a boy. I'll tell ya - this little stinker has absolutely no problem showing his stuff off for us. Ugh! For the news - I have a butthead baby!! :( That thing I've thought was his butt all along is actually his head. Poor Rylan. What this translates to is that his head is up in my left ribs. No bueno, in my opinion. Like I said, I know there is plenty of time left, but STILL!!! Nothing is a guarantee at this point.

The sonogram tech is not the same lady as my doctor. She mentioned that my doc will probably either schedule me for another sono, or do one herself when we go back next Wednesday, just to check again. She measured Rylan's femur (which she indicated is the best measurement she can get of his "age") and he was measuring spot on, which is good news. She took a few other measurements including his head and his belly. When she got to his belly, she said, "Whoa! Look at that belly! You have a buddha baby!" Towards the end of the appointment, she casually mentioned, "Well based on the measurements I took, he's measuring about 7 pounds."

I'm sorry, say what? My email 3 DAYS AGO said 5.5 pounds! **Insert breathing sounds learned at child birth class.** I would've loved to see my reaction to her saying that. It didn't take too long before I remembered my doc saying the week before that any size estimates the sonogram makes could be off by up to 20%. Once in the car, we quickly did the math and were relieved this potentially puts Rylan down to the "normal" 5.5 pounds... or up to 8.5! Again, WHAT?! Rusty and I were both pretty average babies at 7 lbs, 14 oz and 7 lbs 15.5 oz, respectively. I really hope her estimate was wrong. I guess if it's correct, though, I'm closer to having a small watermelon, rather than a honey dew melon. :)

I'll keep you updated, of course, after we learn more next week. New pic below!

34 weeks:

35 weeks:



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