Friday, July 31, 2009

2 out of 4...

Roxie has successfully managed to injure herself. Not once, but twice. A leg each time, and a different leg at that.

For anyone that really knows me, you know that I'll laugh at most things before stopping to realize the severity of a situation. Not all of the time, but most of the time. I've been fortunate enough to never see truly terrible things, and have grown up with a goofy set of friends and family that allow laughter to come so easily. Not that any of this is an excuse, but still...

Last Sunday night, Rusty and I were on the way home from the grocery store and saw some storms to our east, so we hurried to get home and let Roxie out before they moved in. The lightening and thunder were pretty bad, but it never really rained here. Well, as Roxie and I were outside, and before she went potty, a bolt of lightening struck near by (I swear it was at the park/field area right behind our house). It scared me half to death, so you can only imagine how terrified poor little Roxie was. She took off running for the back door, only to run right smack into.

Of course my heart was sad for her being so scared, but I managed to get out a good chuckle before finally reaching her to calm her down. I picked her up to let her know it would be ok, as Rusty was coming outside to look for the cause of the commotion. I set her back down, and we noticed she was limping pretty badly and wouldn't put any weight on her back leg. Fortunately, it was nothing more than maybe a little puppy bruise (or maybe just a good jarring of her leg as she hit the door) but thankfully within 24 hours she started to use her leg fully again.

Four days later, Roxie was chasing after Satie (this is quite normal for them now, in case you are wondering) around the kitchen and entry hallway. (Our house is set up nicely for the animals/Rusty to chase each other in circles up the entry hallway, to the kitchen, back to the entry hallway, etc.) I was only halfway paying attention when I heard something strange, and then saw only Satie come trotting around the corner into the kitchen with Roxie nowhere in sight. I went around to find Roxie and sure enough she was just sitting there. Immediately I knew something wasn't right, because this is not in her nature. This time, I don't know what she did, but she did something to her front left leg. She didn't recover from this one quite as quickly, but she's working it out quite nicely and is resuming her normal regimen of Rusty/Satie chasing.

Hopefully we won't make it to 3 or 4 out of 4... I'd be happy with just the 2. Only time will tell.

The pup is doing wonderfully, though, other than that. She is in full puppy mode, which gets tiresome, but its also fun. We've learned the secret to really wearing her out is to take her over to my parents and let her and Belle play together for the day. She slept for almost a day and a half afterwards!!! It was great! :)


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Roxie's Tail

Things I've learned from owning a dog:
1. Everything is edible
2. Sleep is a luxury
3. I'm not ready for children.

Roxie is the first puppy (or dog for that matter) that Rusty or I have ever owned. (Rusty claims his mom's old dog, Sugar, doesn't count because he said that dog hated everyone except his mom...) Needless to say, the last two weeks have definitely been an adventure for us.

We got her the Thursday before July 4th, so we had all day Friday through Sunday with her. She got to make her first visit to One Oak on that Saturday, as that is where we spent our 4th of July with a few friends. Our first weekend was surreal, in that we were both just having so much fun. The middle of the night poo breaks weren't that bad (we got to take naps during the day) and the daytime was fun because we got to play all of the time.

Then came Monday... that was when I realized (although deep down I always knew) that I require 8-9 hours of sleep a night. It's not an option. Period. As Rusty and I were trying to adjust to owning one dog, my dad calls and arranges picking up another pup from the same litter so he can surprise my mom with a puppy for their anniversary. Rusty and I picked her up and kept her for the longest 3 days of my life. The breeder we got them from said, "Having 2 puppies is no different than having 1." He seems like a nice guy. I trusted him, until we got home that is.

Everything that we worked with Roxie on for the 4 days prior to "the other one" joining us was undone by the unexpected arrival. (Not to mention, the cats were TICKED.) They were both always in a "pedal to the metal" mode when they were awake, which was very exhausting. The first night of having Belle I only got 3 hours of sleep. Please refer to the prior paragraph to understand why this was a problem. All in all, having both pups was an adventure, although I was happy when my parents came to pick her up. My mom was super surprised and loves her little Belle.

The afternoon after Belle left, Rusty, Roxie and I slept and laid around all afternoon. Of the three of us, I'm not sure who was the most tired. The next morning we started working with Roxie again to rid her of the bad habits her sister made her pick up. She does really good about not pooping in her kennel, which is a huge plus to me. I can deal with the pee. The poop, not so much. I've actually thrown up a little bit in my mouth from having to pick some up once. Not a fan... So not ready for kids.

Roxie is growing alarmingly fast, but she's so adorable. She's pretty good with the cats, although they aren't fond of her. She likes to chase them, but won't actually bug them. She knows where "home" is. On her walks, once around the block is enough for her. As soon as we get to the corner across the street, she plants her little bottom down and pulls her leash the direction of home. I try everytime but there is no fighting this. It's really annoying, but actually really cute.

The good news is that nothing valuable has been destroyed yet. She's found some "weak corners" of the carpet and has managed to pull those up. Everything else is going really well with her though. She knows how to sit, and she knows her name (when she wants to that is). Rusty and I adore her, and can't wait for you all to meet her and to share more "tails" with you.

Here are some pictures of her...