Thursday, January 22, 2009

Has Anyone Seen My Big-Girl Panties?

Everyone has fears, and everyone comes to a point in their life where they must face their fears. My moment of glory is upon me, well, at least one of them anyway...

I'm scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow - in 22 hours to be exact - and I'm slightly freaking out... Last night I actually "dreamt" about it all night long. (I don't know if you call that a dream??) The good news is I won't be going to a chop shop south of the border to get this done, as my dream portrayed...

I've always been such a healthy person - I've never broken anything, I've never had major surgery, etc. so I don't know what it's like to go through something like this. Of course, something of this magnitude starts with a needle.

I despise needles for a few reasons, but mostly due to bad experiences I've had at the doctor. It's no fun being a pin cushion while the doctors are looking for a vein actually strong enough to accept an IV. 7 pokes later, they finally found one, in case any of you are curious. I'm also the type whose blood pressure rises at the thought of the tiny little finger prick thing they do at the special girl doctor. I have to fan myself while taking very deep breaths, and it never fails that I break out into a sweat.

Rusty's done such a good job of trying to comfort me (key word there is trying). He's tried talking me through my fears, and he's probably told me at least 50 times that everything is going to be ok. My comeback? How does HE know? And then we start all over...

Deep down, I know everything will probably be ok. I mean, the chances of me being allergic to the anesthetic, or waking up as they yank a tooth, are both slim to none, but it's still possible!!! As the great Lloyd Christmas once said, "So you're telling me there's a chance?"

10:30 tomorrow morning will come and go before I know it, regardless of if I want it to or not. I guess I may as well embrace it, so it's time to put on my big girl panties, and just deal with it. :(


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's worse?

OK, so I'm sure there are those of you out there like me - it NEVER fails that the millisecond you're in bed and your head hits the pillow, you instantly remember something you didn't do that you meant to, or that needs to be done. This seems like a nightly occurrence for me.

Sometimes I'm lucky enough that Rusty won't be in bed yet, so he can take care of whatever it is, or vice versa. The other night, though, we were both in bed when I suddenly remembered something (of course...). I laid there for a good 5 minutes talking about how terrible it was that I had to get up and walk not even 10 feet across the room. (I know - it's just awful, isn't it?) After sulking, I finally gave in. Rusty was even sweet enough to get up and walk with me so I didn't have to be miserable alone. :)

Then we started our discussion - what is the MOST annoying thing like this that can happen? I think that remembering something the instant you've laid down is the clear winner. I usually wake up in the mornings looking forward for night time so I can go back to sleep (am I alone in this, or are there others like me?), so you can only imagine how excited I am about finally getting back in bed to sleep some more!! Talk about rain on your parade... Neither Rusty or I could think of anything more annoying... anything valid that is.

Rusty did make the suggestion that forgetting to pull down your pants before going to the bathroom would be pretty annoying, but I instantly vetoed this with the "Are you serious?" look before having a good laugh about it. I don't think it qualifies, as I've never met anyone who actually forgot to pull down their pants before using the restroom. At least I don't think I have... I mean I know sometimes we all REALLY have to go, but really??



Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 - The Year of ???

I'd like to start out by saying that I CANNOT believe 2008 has already come and gone! It seems like only yesterday we were tearing down inappropriate wall paper after the 2007/2008 New Year's Eve party, and now we are left alone in the wake of the 2008/2009 party. So sad...

Every year, be it big or small, is filed in our brains' files according to those events that most influenced our lives. For instance, 2000 will always be the beginning of the end for Rusty and I, as that is when our Senior year began. 2001 is earmarked by finally graduating from high school, and heading off to college (after 4 years of planning throughout high school). Now I know these specific years will change as the people do, but everyone can recognize their significance in a teenager's life.

For me, one of the most significant years in my life was 2003. 2003 was a sad culmination of many things, but was also the bright beginning of many others - I turned over many leaves in my life that year, some of which were great, some not so great, some fun, some sad. I graduated from Tyler JC, and spent what I know as the best summer ever at home in Rowlett before moving off to Denton to start North Texas that fall.

Going into it all, I knew this would be the last time that I could call Rowlett "home." In its place, I got Houston. My mom would argue that Houston was never considered "home" for our little family, but I have to disagree. I learned that year that "home" really is where the heart is. I never knew I would miss my parents so much when I realized they were more than 45 minutes away.

2003 was also the summer I found myself in my friends. Its amazing the people you thought would never change and would always be there. They were the ones that changed so much I hardly knew them anymore. Those friends that I expected less from, turned out to be the ones who helped define my life and make me the person I am today. As summer faded, Lindsay, Jennifer and I got to carry our friendships and time shared forward, as we were all at North Texas. The 3 of us, though, had to say goodbye to Chrissy as she left once again for Aggie Land.

My new journey in Denton, though, was the most life-changing of all. Rusty and I met that fall, as we shared several classes together. As we got to know each other through classes, we found out so many fun things about each other, like where each of us grew up (10 minutes apart, might I add!!) and all of the mutual friends we shared. Times like these - when proof of fate exists - are always the most fun. It always leaves me in awe of how truly spectacular God's plan for each of us is.

As 2009 is upon us all, I just can't help but wonder what miraculous journeys are ahead! I wish everyone a safe, prosperous and blessed 2009!! :) Happy New Year to you all!