Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Really Not That Different...

One could say we have an active household... and we don't even have a child - yet. Due to the sheer number of inhabitants we have in our house, something is always going on. I'd be lying if I said we all got along perfectly every day. The biggest conflict is that between Satie and Roxie.

Satie has a pretty outgoing personality considering she's a cat. She likes to be out and about, but don't mistake that as her being friendly and social. Satie likes 2 beings in this world - Luci (occasionally) and me. Where I go, she goes. She sleeps right next to me every night. She's laying next to my leg as I type.

Roxie is also extremely outgoing. Duh, she's a dog. She'd play with a rock, if it would play back. Rusty is her big playmate. I just don't have the energy to keep up with her right now. The cats don't like to play the way she does. Rusty's not home right now, so I'm her play pal. As I sit here typing (mind you Satie is laying by my leg), Roxie whines for my attention. She's individually brought me 4 toys. (I guess she thinks each previous toy isn't good enough, so she brings another hoping it will interest me. Let's note 3 of these 4 toys are socks. Slobber covered socks at that. Eww.)

Before Roxie came along, Satie was the young, active being. Roxie took over that role upon her arrival, and I don't think Satie is a big fan. Let's just see how things go once Rylan arrives - THAT should be fun... (PS - Toy #5 just arrived.) Anyway, the point of all this is that I finally found a common interest between Satie and Roxie - something they can use to grow their relationship on: the innocent bunny rabbit outside the dining room window they'd both like to hunt down.

Editor's note - I've recently discovered that the true toy count is only 4. What I thought was the third sock was actually half of the second sock that she successfully tore apart. Sweet dog. :)