Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Couples Shower

Rusty and I officially had our first shower over the weekend... and it was a BLAST!! We have so many wonderful friends that made this so much fun for both of us!

The shower was baseball themed (obviously it fits for a boy, and makes it more enticing for a couples shower). Everything about the shower turned out fantastic. Aunt Chrissy did a great job. :) All of the foods were ballpark related - we had hot dogs, cotton candy, cracker jacks and of course, beer. Our team was the Covey Critters because we have so many critters... a dog, 2 cats, a turtle and a baby on the way. (Anyone interested in a turtle, please inquire within.)

The one organized game we had was the "Diaper Dot Race." Everyone got a depends that had a "dot" on it. (We have some softball fields behind our house where the game was supposed to be played, but it was occupied by some kids that later came over and joined our game. One of the little boys ran over, pointed at everyone and said, "Look! They're on their periods!" It was HILARIOUS!)

The object of the game was to finish the race first, after successfully completing all of the obstacles. Everyone started at home plate and had to run the bases. At first base, there was a baby bottle full of beer that had to be chugged.

At second base, the dots had to successfully put a diaper on the baby doll. Once completed, the baby had to run the rest of the race with the person...

At third base, there were plastic bats that everyone had to do the "forehead on the bat and spin" thing. They all had to spin 9 times - 1 rotation for each month I'm pregnant. :) As far as I know we only had one stray runner after spinning...

The game was a blast to watch and I know everyone had a good time playing!! After the game, and a little bit of food, it was finally time to open presents. I was so excited to see all of the fun stuff we were destined to get, and our friends didn't disappoint! We got so much GREAT and ADORABLE stuff! I can't wait to use most of it (butt wipes excluded) and play dress up with little man! He'll be so handsome, I know!

Below is a look at all of the fun stuff we got! Again, I can't say "THANK YOU!" enough to everyone who was there and who made the shower happen. We really are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives! :)


Janet said...

What great ideas! That shower looked really fun.

Ruslie said...

Thanks Janet! It was SO much fun!