Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weeks 30 & 31

Sorry to disappoint, but no fun new foods!!

Rylan is about 3 lbs 5 oz right now (porker!!!) and growing fatter every day. My most recent email said he's about to hit a big growth spurt, so that should be fun. When I went in last week for my 30 week appointment, I asked how big he was. Dr. Welborne just said he should be about 3 lbs, and even if they did a sonogram there'd be no way of knowing 100%. She did mention, though, that I'm measuring perfectly, which is good news.

There wasn't anything too exciting revealed at the appointment. I asked when Rylan will turn to get ready for birth, and she said he should be turned by 35 weeks. Of course she said they'll make sure he's "ready" and have some things they can do to get him there, in the event he doesn't do it on his own.

Rusty and I get closer and closer every day with the nursery! All of our furniture finally came in, which was SOO exciting! We're working on getting everything organized and pretty enough so we can take and post some pictures. Please know that as soon as it's camera ready, pictures will be up for all to adore! :) Just to make you all a little more anxious, it really is looking good, and the furniture looks great in the room!

Well, I took a new picture. I know I'm supposed to keep growing until little man gets here, but I'm starting to get more creeped out by my own pictures. Don't ask why. I'm fortunate for the fact that about 95% of my weight gain has been in my belly, and I'm fortunate that all I look is pregnant. Still, there's something to just not feeling "cute" like everyone says I look. (Maybe you are all liars... hehe)

Here is 29 weeks:

Here is 31 weeks:


Hannah said...

Leslie-you are definitely cute!! I'm so glad I got to see you at show, but I wanted to talk to you more!!! Looks like you are on a downhill slope towards being mommy! It'll be here before you know it, I bet!!