Monday, March 22, 2010

My Non Birthday

To be quite honest, I couldn't have asked for much better of a birthday.

Leading up to the event, I'll be honest and admit I wasn't in the "birthday spirit." There are 2 things I do EVERY YEAR and I couldn't do either one of them this year. I ALWAYS go shopping, usually with my mom, and I ALWAYS get a nice sangria swirl margarita from On The Border, usually with friends. Seeing as how I have this medicine ball of a baby hanging off the front of my body, shopping for cute, spring clothes was out of the question. (Shopping in general is kind of off the tables during my pregnancy - I think it's dumb to spend a lot of money on clothes that I won't wear that often.) Again, seeing as how I have this medicine ball of a baby IN my body, margaritas are out of the question.

I worked hard to come up with a few alternative selections for birthday ideas, since shopping/drinks weren't options. I thought of a movie and several books I wanted, and kindly relayed those to my sweet husband.

Friday morning started off good. I was just a little mopey, but generally accepting of the day. During the hustle and bustle of getting ready, Rusty brought me a birthday gift. I opened it to find one of the books I most wanted - The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. I'm a huge fan of his so I was really pumped about getting this book!!

After I opened it, Rusty told me this was the first present of the day, and that more would come, but that is all he would say. First of all, I didn't want much for my birthday, so I would've been just fine with this! But then to leave me in suspense like that!!! What the hey!

I got in my car to go to work, and looked over in the passenger seat, and sure enough, there was another gift. I opened it and found two movies I wanted to get on DVD for a while now - Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride II. AWWWW! I called him to say thank you so much, and to tell him I loved the gifts, to which he said there's more later... WHAT?! I was fine with the book and movies already!!

(More to come about my birthday lunch in a later post...)

When I got home from work, I brought in the bag that had my movies, and I set them and my new book aside and left the bags just sitting on the bar. A few moments later I walked back through the living room and noticed a new bag sitting with the group of bags... A little black one that quickly caught my attention - it said "Zales" on it. I just kind of looked back at Rusty with that, "Is it really?" and "You shouldn't have!" face. I went ahead and opened it. To answer the questions, yes, it really was, and yes, he really did. I got a beautiful pair of diamond earrings!!! He did SUCH a good job!! I love them, and they really are beautiful!

We went to dinner at Grimaldi's, which is a little pizza place in Watter's Creek. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good pizza. It was wonderful! Our night ended there, as preggers here gets quite tired rather early in the evening, plus I had to get up early Saturday morning to head to Tyler for the day.

On Saturday evening, I'll just admit it - I was POOPED from all of the day's activities. After getting home from Tyler, I got to relax for about an hour before it was time to head back out for birthday dinner with my parents. Seafood was on the agenda, as it sounded good all week, so we went to Dodie's in Rockwall on the lake. It was SO good! Definitely satisfied my desire. Our waitress did look at me quite crazily when I ordered, though... I ordered "The Big Dodie" - over 2 lbs of boiled crab legs and shrimp. HOLY MOLY, though! I did a pretty good job at finishing it off, I'll say. I left 2 little shrimp (I think 3 were eaten by others) and of the three sets of crab legs I got, I ate 2 of them. (I donated the other one to my dad.) I was in and out of sleep the whole way home, but by the time I came to, it looked like Rusty had driven into Colorado or something with all the snow falling like it was!!

Sunday evening, we had dinner planned with Rusty's mom and sister's family. On the way to dinner, MIL (mother-in-law) texted Rusty saying we had a reservation for 20. WHAT?!? In about 3 or 4 hours notice, 18 other people were able to make plans to join us for my birthday dinner. How awesome is that! It was such a pleasant surprise! (And thank you to everyone that could make it out! I really appreciated it!)

As you can see, I have no reason to be mopey for this year's non-birthday - it turned out to be a wonderful event! I will say this though... next year I'll just have to shop and drink twice as much to make up for what I missed this year. Sound like a plan???