Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Roxie's Tail - Pillow Talk

Roxie and Belle (my parents' dog) get to see each other quite a bit. After a stay several months back, I think Roxie got a hint of how spoiled Belle is, so we of course had to live up to the new expectations. Belle has a pillow in her kennel, and gets covered up each night. Ridiculous, I know.

Well, before we started letting Roxie sleep out at nights, we decided to put a pillow in her kennel, to make things a little more cozy. It lasted for quite a while. We soon discovered nights aren't her problem. On nasty, rainy days, she has to stay inside locked up. (I know, it makes me sad, too, but it's for the best...) Well, apparently she got really bored one day, because we got home from work to find the pillow no longer in tact.

We let a week or two go by, and decided to try one more time with the whole pillow idea. Yeah, that didn't work. A couple of days later, after yet another cold, nasty day, we came home to this: