Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just a question...

Now I'll admit straight up that I'm a Dr. Pepper girl. I don't mind Coke and Pepsi, but hands down, DP is my fave. Yesterday I went to lunch at bakery who will not be named, and got a cup for my soft drink. Remember now... I'm "limited" to 1 serving of caffeine per day, so I like putting it to good use, and what's better than a good fountain DP, right?? Well I get up there and was extremely sad to see all they offered was Mr. Pibb. UGH! It is SO not the same! But this isn't even the worst part! They still offered Diet Dr. Pepper!!!!! Who offers Mr. Pibb and diet DP, but not the delicious 23 flavors of regular DP??? I was so bummed and ended up "wasting" my caffeine on a flat coke. So sad. :(