Monday, December 14, 2009

What's Your Opinion??

I added a poll for all of you that might be interested in contributing... Do you think Baby Covey will be a boy or a girl??

My gut instinct all along is that we're having a boy, but I've been dreaming that we will have a girl, so who knows. I guess one of them has to be right!!! :)

We'd love to know what you all think!



Hannah said...

Leslie! Cute blog! I will be keeping up with you! And I kinda think boy...for some reason I feel like you already told me it was a boy, but obviously not! I guess you'll find out soon...yay!

Ruslie said...

Thanks Hannah! :) I've been keeping up with yours, too, and at first I TOTALLY thought you stole your Soap Acting bit from Joey. I laughed, especially when I got to the part about DOOL, and how you had to explain it in parenthesis... Even if someone didn't know what it was, but watched FRIENDS, they should know... :)