Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hamburger or Hot Dog???

A few weeks ago when Rusty and I heard that we might find out boy or girl at our 12 week screening, I got some good advice from a dear friend... He said, "Remember, if you see a hamburger on the screen, you know it's a girl." Thanks Jeremy. You're a STAR.

This morning when we went to the appointment, I had this overwhelming feeling that we were NOT going to find out. I was sad, but, I could deal with it. There are worse things in the world. After the nurse called us back, and I got weighed (yay.), she walked us to our room. Unfortunately, she kept walking right past the big room that has the ultrasound machine thingy it it. This was clue #2. (Clue #1 was my gut feeling.)

Rusty and I sat in there and waited for the doctor to come in. She came in and we chatted about all the fun stuff... she finally asked us, "Well would you like me to take a peek to maybe tell boy or girl?" I don't think I could have said yes any faster than I did. I might have even scared her a little. Oh well... so we got the ultrasound machine rolled in to our room and she got us all taken care of. The first 5 minutes were spent by her telling us what a little stinker we're going to have because the baby would not be still for ANYTHING. (Refer back to previous postings about why we couldn't tell boy or girl at our 12 week appointment...)

I started laughing because I thought about what Jeremy had told us, and I told the doc. I said, "I had a friend tell us - you want to look for the hamburger or the hot dog... that will tell you all you need to know." She laughed, and quickly agreed how TRUE that is.

After some prodding, a little shaking and head twisting, we finally got a glimpse of it... we're having a hot dog... I mean a boy!!! We got some great "proof" and have a little picture of what is either a little weenie or a 3rd foot. Once we saw it, I heard this little "Yes!" come from the corner of the room where Rusty sat. I turned to see him pumping his fist in the air. Awww, he's so cute...

As we were leaving, our quote of the day rolled off the lips of my sweet husband. He said, "I never thought I'd be so excited to see a weenie!"

Anyway, we are so thrilled to be having a boy! I guess we'll be closing the polls early, for all you cheaters out there. Haha, just kidding.