Tuesday, January 12, 2010

20 weeks

It's crazy to think this bun in my oven only has 20 weeks left to bake! 20 weeks doesn't sound like that much, but I know it will fly by. Time always does, regardless of whether you want it to or not.

The past week has been super fun and exciting - Rusty got to feel Rylan kick for the first time, which he loved. It was fun for me to feel Rylan move and watch Rusty's facial expressions. I was laying on the couch with my legs across his lap, and we happened to be watching TV so his attention was turned away from me. His hand, though, was in prime position to feel a kick. When I felt the kick, I looked at Rusty's face and just saw his mouth kind of drop and his eyes cut in my general direction. Those were the only moves he made until little man kicked again then Rusty turned to me asking if that was him. He was so excited to feel him, and I was so happy that he was finally able to.

Well we had our big 20 week sonogram this morning... and it's still a boy. Might I add that he seemed very proud of his "manhood" as he wasn't afraid to show it. Oh dear. Other than that, everything looked wonderful. (Thanks for all of your prayers!!) In one of our pictures, his little hand was up on his chin and in the next both hands were up right over his chest. Can you hear my heart melting?? We also got to hear his heart beat, which was fantastic.

One of the neat things from the sonogram (aside from all of the good news) was I got to figure out how he is situated in my belly - or at least how he was as of this morning. Every morning I can feel this really hard spot just to the left and under my belly button. Turns out to be Rylan's little bum. His feet are down closer to my right hip and his little head is up towards the top of my stomach, just below my ribcage. It's fun to at least sort of know where everything is.

One thing that I was NOT aware of, until yesterday when I got my reminder phone call, was that I had to drink 24 ounces of water 30 minutes prior to my appointment. Umm - they do realize I'm pregnant right? I run to the bathroom nearly every hour for what seems like 2 ounces of liquid to dribble out... I swear - you'd expect for me to have the world's longest bathroom breaks, for as bad as I feel like I always need to go. Anyway, so this morning was torture having to not pee until permission was granted. She's lucky I didn't go right there on the examination bed while she was pushing the thingy all around my stomach looking at Rylan.

According to my weekly emails and the book I'm currently reading, he should be about 10 inches long, head to heel (roughly the length of a banana). The books also say that he should be about 10-11 ounces, but my sonographer this morning measured him a little bit larger, at about 12 ounces. She also said based on the measurements, she shows me to be with in 24 hours of my original due date of May 30th. I already have a few people thinking I'll come early. I guess only time will tell.

Everything seems to be going fine. I need to drink more water, but that's about it. I can handle that. I need to be doing it anyway. One thing that is on the horizon... a shot. BOOOO!!! I don't like shots. I'm alright with all of the blood draws that they do now - I've learned to accept those and know what to expect. Shots, though. Not so much. At 28 weeks, I have to get a RHogam (I think that is how it's spelled...) shot since I'm a "negative" blood type. From the sounds of it, that day will just be filled with fun, as that's the day I get to do my glucose testing as well. Oh well... At least it's still 8 weeks away. As I sit here and count the weeks, I realize that is right around my birthday. Happy birthday to me.

Anyway, no new picture this week. (Actually, I'm doing this at work during lunch, so I don't have access to anything.) I'll be sure to post a couple next week though!