Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Unexpected Ending

So we have a turtle... his name is TO (Turtle Owens...). He's a Stink Pot turtle. And he stinks. All. The. Time.

Rusty and I bought him a new tank recently so we could get him out of the kitchen. We also decided to get him a tank mate - one of those apocalypse fish that eat the algae. We purposely picked out the biggest one we could find, because we knew there was a chance it would be eaten. Well, everything went well at first. TO saw Spike and started snapping his mouth bigger than we've ever seen him do.

We sat around and watched for a while to make sure everything was A-OK before heading out for dinner. We didn't really know what to expect when we got home. We were really thinking everything would be alright. Well, when we walked in the door, there sat TO, next to a half of the apocalypse fish. The other half was NO WHERE to be found. :( TO ate him. :(

Sad. So sad. Anyone want a turtle???