Tuesday, October 7, 2008

North Texas Tailgating

Like previously mentioned, football season is in full swing, which means that tailgating is also in full swing. A lot of sun, a lot of food, a lot of people, and maybe a beer or two... :)
If you don't already know, North Texas isn't doing so hot this year... It's been a pretty dismal year, but that doesn't make the tailgating any less enjoyable. We always have a decent crowd, and a really good time, regardless of who comes out!!!

There are a few regulars we are missing this year (Liz, Jeremy, etc.) but we are off to a good start!! We have 3 games left - 2 of those are this month and encompass Family Day and Homecoming!! Saturday Oct 11th is Family Day, and Saturday Oct 25th is Homecoming. Both of these days always have really fun events and the larger than normal crowd, so if you aren't too busy, I highly encourage you to come out and enjoy the day, even if it is for a few hours.

Below are a few pictures from the first two games... ENJOY!!!


Three North Texas grads - my dad, Rusty then me!

Rusty and his football - he never leaves home without it...

The group huddle around the tailgates/grill. Isn't this what it is all about????

From when I was young, to now, I always have a way of coming between my parents. I guess since I didn't have siblings to pester, I took it out on them. :)