Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What September Means

As we embark into this new month, Rusty and I realized that what is probably our favorite portion of the year is once again upon us. This month marks the beginning of many fun things - football and tailgating, just to name a few. We also celebrate quite a few occasions in the next 4 months - Rusty's birthday, Halloween, Turkey Day, what will be our 2nd anniversary, and of course, Christmas and New Years. Besides the afore mentioned, we also have so many exciting little things along the way that will make the next 4 months fly by, but everything will be so much fun!!

This Saturday is the first North Texas home game vs. Tulsa. We are always proud supporters of our Mean Green, and are hoping that this season won't be quite as depressing as last season, but never the less, good times will be had by all.

To follow Saturday with a bang, Sunday brings us our first regular season Cowboys game. I'm sure most of you can only imagine the anticipation building in our house, as Rusty gets so giddy when football season comes around. It's all I can do to keep up with him, as he gets so excited!!

While this weekend's festivities are hardly a drop in the bucket for what is to come, it signifies the beginning of a great 4 months ahead. As 2008 quickly comes to an end, we wish all of you a Happy Fall, and hope that you will enjoy what's left of this year as much as we will.